Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, want an image for your Christmas card, or just want to capture your relationship at this moment in time a photoshoot can be a fantastic family activity.

The timing and rhythm of the shoot

I always allow an hour minimum for a photoshoot, and within that time we will do a variety of candid and posed shots. It should mostly just feel like a fun afternoon in the park. We will generally try to keep things fairly fast moving, and go to at least four or five different spots during the session.

Candid vs. Posed pictures

I will have my camera out continuously, and will be shooting most of the time (think of me as your personal paparazzi.) Most of the photos will be candid moments (and those tend to be everyone’s favourite!) Usually within a session we will find some natural points when your child is sitting still and engaged with the people around them, and those will be the times when we get the shots that look like more formal portraits. We can encourage them towards certain spots, but I will never force a child to stay in a certain location or pose in a certain way.

The picture above was not a posed portrait, but a stump the child chose to sit down on.

Behaviour Expectations

Please don’t worry if your child isn’t interested in a particular thing or is running around more than you think they should. Curiosity and a streak of ‘naughtiness’ often make for the best photos. As a general rule the less pressure there is on your child to perform or behave a certain way the more relaxed they will be.

Sometimes your child needs a rest or has had enough, and that is okay too. Where I can do so without being intrusive I will often continue to take pictures through any tired moments or small meltdowns, because the family moments and the comforting snuggles are a lovely part of your relationship to capture. If at any point you feel you need a moment of privacy please feel free to let me know.

What to bring

I recommend bringing at minimum:

  • A favourite stuffed animal or lovie and/or a favourite toy

  • A change of clothes (just as backup!)

  • A (not too messy) snack

If you have other toys or props you would like to try to incorporate into the shoot you are welcome to bring those as well.

After the Shoot

I aim to send you the full gallery of edited images to you by no more than two weeks after the shoot. Depending on the length of your shoot and the package you have booked your gallery will be between 25 and 120 images.

Your image gallery will be available online for two months, and you are welcome to share it with friends and family. It is your responsibility to ensure you have downloaded and backed up all the photos you wish to keep within this time.

You will also have the option to purchase a disk with the digital photos and prints.

Model Release for Social Media

You will have the option on your contract to give permission to share photos on my social media. I appreciate this as it helps me to build and promote my business (as well as giving me the opportunity to celebrate and share my beautiful clients!) but I also respect that everyone has different boundaries when it comes to online privacy, so there is no pressure to opt in to this. I will never share photos online without explicit permission.